# Article Title   Author
1 Protection of personal data in possesion of private entities   Laura Paredes
2 Liberalization of former restrictions on foreign drug manufacturers to hold title over sanitary registrations required to market drugs in Mexico   Luis Monterrubio
3 Some considerations on the recent reforms regarding hydrocarbons in Mexico   Alejandrina García
4 Towards the enactment of a new law of public private partnerships   Sergio Olivar M
5 Mexican anti-money laundering law   Marissa Orozco
6 Mexican public procurement anti-corruption law   Marissa Orozco
7 Anti-counterfeiting trade agreement: ACTA   Melanie Gilles
8 Clean Energy and Photovoltaic Projects   Sergio Olivar
9 Private Sector Participation in the Energy Sector   Sergio Olivar, Marissa Orozco
10 Firm grounds for a new antitrust legal framework   Luis Monterrubio and Alejandrina García
11 The main changes made to the Regulations of the Law of Public and Private Partnerships   Óscar Sámano